Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life on the farm...Jim is finally getting to put up hay!

Most of you know that we live on a farm. I don't think Jim ever thought he would actually get me to move to the farm, I like city life. There is 460 acres in all, (if you could see it from the air it would resemble the shape of a U), some pasture land, some woods, and then of course you have to have the hayfields to provide feed for the cows in the winter, oh, and I can't forget we have four homes on the property as well. His parents live on the original part (280 acres) in a rock house that is over 100 years old, and his nephew, Johnny (he's on the orange tractor/new rake) lives up the hill behind them in a mobile home. We live in a large double wide (use to be Tom & Debria's) on a little hill amidst many trees on what was Jim's Grandpa Sargent's place (180 acres), that he and his brothers bought 25 years ago. Tom, Jim's brother and his wife Debria, live (well actually they live in Camden now), but when they come home they have a double wide down by the road.

Life is never dull living on the farm. During the winter Jim comes home, changes clothes and heads out on the big tractor with 2 big haybales to feed the cows. Depending on where the cows are he may have to make another trip to feed the rest. Baby calves start arriving some time around the first of March, (or so that's the plan). This is fun to see the little things stand on their wobbly legs for the first time and then run and play. It's not so fun when they have a hard time being born, or it's too cold for the newborns and we have to bring them to the house. I think I had 6 different ones this spring to care for overnight-believe me, babies are easier and a lot lighter, the bottles are not as big either!!! I think my girls couldn't believe their daddy actually talked me into having a bovine nursery. Jim's mom normally does it, but she was sick alot this spring. I have some pictures, I may have to share one . We only lost one of our BICU patients-he went through too long of a labor and we never could get him to eat, better off that he didn't suffer. I had names for all of them, and I just can't figure out why Jim hasn't kept up with them for me, after all he only has around 100 calves! Then in the spring there is always the vaccinating, tagging, dehorning, worming, notching babies ears(our personal marking), etc. If I am able to help I get the easy job, doing the paperwork. The last order of the day is separating out the ones with babies and putting them over the hill to their pasture, and keeping the others on this side so we can watch them. Needless to say at the end of the day, by looking and smelling, there is no doubt where we all have been. Then hopefully some time in May or the first of June (it's very late this year-so much rain) it's time to put up hay. This year the guys got a new rake. Debria and I tease the guys about them buying a new toy-after all we know that the only difference between men and boys is the size and price of their toys! We have to keep an eye on them or they try to buy a new toy every year. They like to get an early cutting of hay and another one around August, so that we have enough for the winter. It takes around 500 bales to make it through a long winter. Then there's always brushhogging the weeds in the pastureland, working on fence, chasing cows when they get out-no, they don't always mind! And to think they do all of this as a hobby and a pasttime!!!!! Go figure-it seems like work to me, but I am so thankful that Jim has something he loves doing at the end of the day when his job is so stressful. And retirement will be down on the farm in the boondocks as my friend Paula says! I hope this hasn't been too boring for you, but I am always telling about me and felt it only fair to share some of Jim's love of life as well. The part of the farm that we live on was homesteaded by some long ago ancestor of his, so it has much meaning to us. And note for you history people, the original house his dad grew up in was used as a hospital during the Civil War-I think?!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

29th Anniversary Celebration-I think!

Another anniversary! We wanted to go out to eat to celebrate, but choosing a restaurant was a little difficult. Jim and I have started a new health regiment, in hopes of feeling better and living healthier and longer,(why should the kids get all the inheritance) so our diet is very limited. We chose Ruby Tuesday's (I would meet him there after work-how romantic) knowing we could eat grilled steak, steamed broccoli, and some of the mashed potatoes. It was really good. You know you've been married a while when you each sit on your own side of the "2 person bench", although Jim did come over to my side for a picture. So after dinner we went to Wal-Mart and got me some gas, he stayed to have 2 new tires put on his car. It took longer than expected, so he got home after 9. I watched the Bachelorette! Now does that sound like a night of celebration or what?!? Boy, how time seems to fly as you get older. I remember our wedding day, it started out a little rainy, but quit thank goodness, as we had to get the cake (made by my aunt, not some fancy bakery) to the church. I was scared to death(to this day I don't know why)! We looked so in my wedding dress I ordered from J C Penney's for $80, (from money I got for my birthday), a veil I borrowed from my cousin-something borrowed, and Jim in his light blue suit and platform shoes!!! I'm sure you can picture it! I'll spare you the majority of the details. We got married at 2 in the afternoon, then we drove to Rogers (seemed like to California back then, well it's not been that many years,) and ate supper at the Hi-De-Ho, now doesn't that sound inviting? It was quite the greasy spoon! Then we spent the night at the Holiday Inn! We didn't know about places like Cancun, The Bahamas, etc., not that we could have afforded it anyway! The next morning we ate an early lunch at Western Sizzlin', Jim calls it Skinny Moo Cow, then we went by the hospital to see his Grandpa, then on to my parents. Now that's what you call a HONEYMOON, 29 years ago at least!

My how time changes things, the world seems in such a rush these days, and where are they going in such a hurry? And simple-do people even know what that word means anymore? I am glad for most of life's luxury's but wonder if we haven't lost something in return. As we are in the middle of planning Libby and Wyatt's wedding, I think of how things are so different, and how it seems the world has made weddings into a competition of sorts. As Libby and I have been shopping for the dress, etc., I notice people being concerned more about what everyone else is going to think instead of what they want this day to be for them. I am so thankful that both of my girl's have and are planning for what "THEY" want for themselves, so people can see who they are, after all isn't it suppose to be all about the Bride and Groom! This is their day and I want it to be more than they've ever dreamed. So if your not busy on September 6th around 7 pm, drive on over to Owasso, OK and join us.

I am so thankful for a man who loves me unconditionally and has stood by me through some very hard times. He truly knows all about the "in sickness and in health" and has never wavered. God has truly blessed me and for a woman who is never at a loss for words, there is not enough space or time on this blog to tell you how wonderful he is. I pray for many more years together, and for my girls many years of joy and blessings as well.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Something new for year 30!

With all the bloggers out there, I decided today, our 29th Wedding Anniversary was a good day for me to start. It doesn't seem like it's been that long, but when you try to think back to all the places you've lived, been, and all the things you've done, it actually seems much longer. And to realize that our love has stood the test of time and trials for all these years, reminds me of a greater love that we get from our Heavenly Father. For without Him I know we would not be where we are today. I Praise Him for his goodness, and for all He has brought us through. He has blessed us with a beautiful family and a church where we are loved and can worship and serve him with freedom.

Our little country church means so much to me. Partly because it is where Jim and I met 32 years ago on the "back pew." Me on one end and he on the other. My dad was the Pastor at the time and his dad was a deacon (you know what they say about the preacher and deacons kids!!), well anyway, it didn't take long until the gap in the pew became no gap at all. And now look where we are, 29 years later, we have 2 beautiful, smart, talented, lovely daughters, Cari and Libby, one son-in-love, Mark ,one future son-in-love, Wyatt, and one precious granddaughter, Calloway. We have lived in Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and now back in Arkansas-the place we both grew up. What a circle our life has made. Leaving home and moving so far away was hard, but God used those years to bond Jim and I together and grow our individual faith in Him stronger. Without these years away we would not be the people he desired us to be today. I am so thankful for those years of learning to be totally dependent on each other and God, and the special people he put in our lives. We were always blessed with a wonderful church family and neighbors who were grandparents, aunts, uncles, and mentors for my whole family. I truly believe there is something to be said for those young couples who for whatever reason have to move away from their families. They get a double portion of God's family blessings. I thank God that with both of our girls living in other states that they have a church family who are there to support and meet their needs when we can't be. God is so good. Don't get me wrong, I GREATLY miss seeing them on a regular basis, and Calloway is growing up way too fast, but I know they are where God wants them to be at this time. This gives me peace. It also helps me realize that each moment I get to spend with them is precious and should be used to the max. It also reminds me of how fast time is flying by and who knows how much of that we have left?!

I hope I can be half as good at blogging as those of you out there. I will just do my best and hope that something I say can be an encouragement or bring a smile to you. I love people and it is my desire to show you that in what I say or do. I must go for now as my tummy is calling for food!