Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Timing... an interesting word. Every time I hear that word now days I think of "God's timing." After all that is who controls the time. I sit here with so much on my mind, but don't want to bore anyone. Today has been an interesting day. Let me back up a bit. Last week I had to go stay with my parents for 3 days during the ice storm. After Tuesday night we had power, but no phones, and so Jim didn't want me out here with no way to reach anyone. My parents had a gas stove to keep us warm, but the rest of the house was cool or cold, so making a trip to the bathroom sure got your attention. I tell you all of this to say, with my health issues, going from hot to cold, etc. doesn't agree with my body very well. So by the time I got home on Friday I wasn't feeling well, and by Saturday night it was "start the antibiotics", to kick a super bad sore throat. I have been feeling much better since Monday, but this afternoon within about 30 minutes I went from good to bad. I can barely speak, and that hurts, my airway is a little tight, and so I had to call the doc for stronger drugs-which I hate doing, but that is better than the ER.
So back to my original thought-Jim and I were planning on going to see Cari tomorrow, (Jim's birthday is today and Cari's the 13th, plus I have Valentine goodies for Miss Calloway)but now we can't. Plus Jim is tired from working eight 16 hour days instead of five. I'm not sure what God's reason is for us not to go, but I have to know there is a reason. It is too obvious with the timing of everything. Cari calls on her way home, and she's had a rough day at work, then Libby calls and she had a frustrating day, Jim doesn't get off when he's suppose to and so I am thinking, ok, what is the deal? Then I have to remind myself who is in control and that we have to take the bad with the good, tell myself things will get better and they could be a lot worse. That this is life and its not always pleasant. I believe we are in a "time" of trial, and that as Christians if we don't stand dressed for battle the enemy will do his best to overtake us. I'm ready for some brighter days, but I also realize that God will not let America continue down this road of destruction too long. If people continue to "take" him out of everything HE will make Himself known. I believe the end is near and that's why Christians are all going through such hard times. We must use our time wisely, and trust His timing in our lives.
On a better timing note-Libby and I were talking about one of her Owasso High School friends the other day. She hadn't seen her in years and hoped she could connect with her somehow. So tonight after she left work "later" than planned, she drove to Owasso to get something from Hobby Lobby that the other store "didn't" have yesterday, then went to Wal-Mart in Owasso "instead" of by her house, and guess who she runs into at the checkout line????????? This friend!!!!!!!!!! Talk about timing! Isn't God good? All the "time"!