Monday, December 22, 2008

Early Christmas present...

Yesterday afternoon my sister, LeAnn and I drove half way to Tulsa to take her girls to meet Libby, Cari, and Calloway so they could spend the night and then go Christmas shopping today, and we'll go back later today and meet them again. No big deal right, yea well, once everyone gets there, Cari and Libby get out, come over to me (mind you it is 19 degrees and the wind blowing from the north pole), my window is down, and Libby starts in with this story of how she is having a hard time getting one of my Christmas presents wrapped. I'm thinking just put it in a bag and let it be, no big deal. SO I tell her this, and she's like, "well it's not that easy, and about that time up over the door pops this little head! She and Wyatt decided I needed this little 2 pound teacup chihuahua puppy. She is so cute, I fell in love at first sight. Well needless to say it was all crazy after that. What we thought was just a routine trip to meet, drop off kids, and leave, was definitely not routine! So I planned to continue driving and let LeAnn hold the puppy, but she thought it would be best for her to drive and me start "bonding" with my new baby. Now before I continue, you have to understand that Susan, the baby sister is tall like me, but LeAnn is "petite". The girls are loaded up and ready to leave, waiting to figure out what we are doing, and then when I get out, go around, and LeAnn gets in the driver's side they realize some of what is going on, then the funny part, remember I am all legs 36", and so LeAnn is trying to find the pedals, well they were probable 12" in front of her, so she made this comment to the effect of them being in another state or something and we busted up laughing, the girls are wondering what is so funny, and as they see her scoot her seat forward they realize and we all have a good laugh. So finally she gets adjusted and we head home. Well except for one minor detail, Libby forgot the puppy's food, and the way we were going home didn't have a PetSmart store anywhere around. So another glitch in the traveling plans, we have to come back to Fayetteville so we can get puppy food. I drop her off and get home just in time for a bathroom break and a snack and I'm out the door to church. LeAnn decided on the way home that only in this family do simple plans turn crazy! LeAnn later informed my girls that there were to be no more 4 legged critters to be aboard in today's travels. I do have to say it made for an entertaining afternoon and when I got home Jim came out to help unload the Honda, well he got a "little" surprise! But I think he likes her, regardless of what he might say. So I want to introduce you to Sassy Ann Sargent. Not the best picture, but maybe more later.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Almost ready for Christmas

It seems like the past few weeks have been so hectic and I still haven't got everything done. I am so excited about Christmas this year. I know Calloway will probably not really get into it until next year, but I had to give it my best shot. I have really enjoyed decorating the house this year, although it has taken longer than normal since my health doesn't cooperate as well. You may not know it, but I am just a big kid at heart. I don't believe in Santa Clause (unless you agree it is Jesus Christ), but I definitely believe in the Spirit of giving and cheer that comes with it. My only sadness about the holiday is that everyone on earth doesn't have Jesus in their hearts, enough clothes to keep them warm, food in their belly's, a nice warm place to sleep, and family to share it with. I am truly blessed beyond measure. The only thing I want for Christmas this year is to be together with my kids (I know they are grown, but they will always be my kids), all 4 of them, 2 by birth, 2 by marriage, and then the GRAND one! Boy, has shopping this year brought back memories. Trying to limit myself in buying for Calloway, well that's almost impossible when you are at the store and things just keep jumping in the buggy, or falling of the racks onto my arm!!! I don't know if anyone else has this problem, please tell me I am not the only one. I love to give and would be just as poor if I "were" a millionaire. Win the lottery, sure, then I could buy for more kids. It is at these times when I feel guilty for some of my blessings, when I see others so in need. I am so thankful that God has given me a sensitive heart and a gift of mercy. I know some of you bloggers made a "thanksgiving" list last month, they were great, and you could see the thought that went into them. It is at this time of year when I think of all of the gifts God has given to us, and so many of them undeserving. That's why He is God. How often do we thank him for sight, hearing, feeling, breathing on our own, walking, talking (yep that's me), being able to go somewhere alone and not be afraid, having someone with skin on who truly loves us, just to name a few. So many of these we take for granted, and there are people out there who live daily lacking in one or more of these areas. I think of a comment Becke made on her blog about her sister, (Kiley passed away earlier this year and was an organ donor, she gave the gift of sight to someone) Becke said, "I wonder if they see Jesus the way you did?", what an awesome testimony and legacy to leave behind for others. Next to loving unconditionally, I think our legacy is one of the most important things that is a work in progress, and one we should never forget. My prayer and wish for you this CHRISTmust season is many happy moments, much love, joy running over, and the peace that passes all understanding. God bless you and Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!
(The last 2 pictures are: my big Christmon tree-decorated with little banners with the names of Jesus on them, and Calloway's Christmas bedding.)