Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time flies whether you are having fun or not...

I've been planning to make a post for some time now, it just seems when I have time my brain isn't thinking along these lines and when I don't have time that's when I think about it. I have pictures from when the girls were here for Father's Day, but for some reason I can't get them uploaded to the computer...probably that lack of brain cell function again.
Our lives have been so crazy the last three months. We had to put Jim's dad in the Nursing Home at Prairie Grove the first of May. This has brought a whole new load of responsibility for me, one that I'd rather not have. His mother isn't doing the best either, and we are just trying to keep her going and able to stay by herself. Dealing with aging parents is a totally different roller coaster ride, and I've never liked roller coasters. With Jim's brother and his wife in Camden, it leaves all the farm stuff to Jim and there are way too many nights it is 8:30-9:00 or after before he gets home, and the weekends are used to play catch up! Thankfully the kids have been able to come home some or we wouldn't have been able to see them. It is very difficult now to try to get away. A word of advice to all you out there, make sure your parents have some kind of long-term care insurance and money set aside for care, because if you don't you won't make it. If they have any money at all, make sure they have it in a trust or something (for at least 5 years prior to needing it)to where when they need help they can get on Medicaid. If we would have known this it would have helped tremendously. It is ridiculous what it cost for this kind of care. There are certain aspects of this that I feel the seniors are being taken advantage of, but what can you do. We need to pray that the government would step up and do something to help take care of senior citizens, and better health care for all.
I'll get off my soap box for now, and hopefully have something more exciting to post soon. Take care and make sure you let your loved ones know they are loved-life is too short.