Monday, June 23, 2008

Something new for year 30!

With all the bloggers out there, I decided today, our 29th Wedding Anniversary was a good day for me to start. It doesn't seem like it's been that long, but when you try to think back to all the places you've lived, been, and all the things you've done, it actually seems much longer. And to realize that our love has stood the test of time and trials for all these years, reminds me of a greater love that we get from our Heavenly Father. For without Him I know we would not be where we are today. I Praise Him for his goodness, and for all He has brought us through. He has blessed us with a beautiful family and a church where we are loved and can worship and serve him with freedom.

Our little country church means so much to me. Partly because it is where Jim and I met 32 years ago on the "back pew." Me on one end and he on the other. My dad was the Pastor at the time and his dad was a deacon (you know what they say about the preacher and deacons kids!!), well anyway, it didn't take long until the gap in the pew became no gap at all. And now look where we are, 29 years later, we have 2 beautiful, smart, talented, lovely daughters, Cari and Libby, one son-in-love, Mark ,one future son-in-love, Wyatt, and one precious granddaughter, Calloway. We have lived in Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and now back in Arkansas-the place we both grew up. What a circle our life has made. Leaving home and moving so far away was hard, but God used those years to bond Jim and I together and grow our individual faith in Him stronger. Without these years away we would not be the people he desired us to be today. I am so thankful for those years of learning to be totally dependent on each other and God, and the special people he put in our lives. We were always blessed with a wonderful church family and neighbors who were grandparents, aunts, uncles, and mentors for my whole family. I truly believe there is something to be said for those young couples who for whatever reason have to move away from their families. They get a double portion of God's family blessings. I thank God that with both of our girls living in other states that they have a church family who are there to support and meet their needs when we can't be. God is so good. Don't get me wrong, I GREATLY miss seeing them on a regular basis, and Calloway is growing up way too fast, but I know they are where God wants them to be at this time. This gives me peace. It also helps me realize that each moment I get to spend with them is precious and should be used to the max. It also reminds me of how fast time is flying by and who knows how much of that we have left?!

I hope I can be half as good at blogging as those of you out there. I will just do my best and hope that something I say can be an encouragement or bring a smile to you. I love people and it is my desire to show you that in what I say or do. I must go for now as my tummy is calling for food!


Jessica said...

So excited for your new blog! : )

Slinkard Family said...

I guess you're not as old as I thought you were :) Just kidding....this whole blog thing is kind of addicting!

Love you, Sus