Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fall and Hunting Season

Fall time to most people means pumpkins, leaves changing colors, and cooler weather. Around here, these still hold true, but to some, one even greater-that's DEER hunting! My husband loves to hunt, he just doesn't have much spare time to be able to hunt. With living on the farm we get to see deer all year round. I can't tell you how many we have out here, they are all over the place, but it seems when hunting season starts they all are the best at playing hide-n-go-seek. It is really enjoyable in the spring when I ride with Jim to check on the cows and we get to see the little fawns running and playing. And then to be able to look out the kitchen window or on the front lawn and see them eating and playing is a real joy as well. They are so beautiful and full of energy. Well I write all of this to say Jim has been blessed this morning with an 8 point buck. He was so excited when he came to the house, although he said the "big" one got away. Apparently he shot this one and killed it and not 30 seconds later he could see a bigger one in the woods and shot twice but missed because it was moving. But he is thankful he got this one. Now we can have fresh deer meat to eat. I know what the kids will want when they come home at Thanksgiving! I will try to post a couple of pictures. Have a fabulous fall!

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Mark and Cari said...

Congratulations Dad! I'm so proud of you. Glad you figured out how to quit firing those warning shots!