Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh, the feel of a clean house, thanks mom

Since I knew yesterday that I wasn't feeling up to going to Texas this weekend for Calloway's Birthday Party (you have to understand that trip just about does me in when I am completely well, let alone fighting a sinus infection), I decided to work on putting up my Christmas decorations. Jim was home so a good opportunity to use him as my pack mule. He carried in all the boxes and tubs from the garage, and I started to work. He helped with the trees and the stuff that was too high to reach from the floor (I have been banned from climbing utensils). I decided to put everything in plastic tubs this year as somehow a mouse had gotten into the box of Christmas stockings and enjoyed a meal on two of them. Living in the country has its disadvantages, but I wouldn't trade it for the big city life. So repacking became a new challenge. Before, I knew what went where and how everything fit together, not anymore. I decided I would try to pack what went in each room together, well that lasted all of 30 minutes. It's just simpler to put all the snowmen together, that way they can keep each other cool while hanging out throughout the year. It didn't take me long to realize why it had taken me so long to decorate this year, isn't it suppose to come down in less than half the time? Well after 4 trees, over 100 snowmen and various other things, I decided that was enough for the day. The beds were still to be changed out, the kitchen cabinets were still covered in lighted garland and snow, but that could wait until today. My sweet mother came this morning to help me finish up, iron, swiffer, and mop. This old body just can't handle those tasks very well anymore. I remember up until just a few years ago, after Jim and the girls would leave on Friday mornings I would get started. It was laundry and cleaning day. I would get ALL my laundry, ironing, cleaning, etc. done while they were gone. I was ready for the weekend and was free to go and do whatever came up. Boy does that seem like forever ago. I am still very thankful for the times when I feel good enough to do those things, but they are much fewer and farther between these days. I thank God I am still able to do what I can, with His help I have far surpassed anything the doctors thought would be possible. Some of you bloggers out there know what its like to have health issues and others who don't, I pray that you thank God each day that you can do what you do. Life is a very fragile thing and too often times we take it for granted and then when something happens like Cassie's new fight with cancer we are rocked to the core. GOD is in CONTROL and he made us, knows exactly what we can handle, but we also have to be willing to be submissive to the path He is leading us down. Generally a dark path, with not enough light, or so we think, to lead us, but a light none the less. A path not well traveled and unfamiliar to us is often scary, but that's where the faith comes in. It's all about FAITH-do you really trust Him? No, I mean do you? Think about it! What will come across your path in this year 2009? Are you prepared for heaven? I am, just not ready to go there just yet! So this day after New Years, I am thankful for a clean house, a mom who loves me more than enough to help me, and thankfully she is still able to do those things, but more importantly a Heavenly Father who is building the ultimate clean house for me someday where I won't have to be concerned with any of the things I've mentioned here. Love you mom and many thanks.

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