Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finally, time for a break, the wedding is over!

I know most of you connected to my blog know that I have been very busy with getting things ready for the wedding. Life has really been a roller coaster lately. Today has been the first day I've had a blank spot on my calendar in months! The wedding turned out great and the bride was beautiful, if I do say so myself. Of course many folks say she gets her good looks from her mother! lol! The bridesmaids looked very stunning in their dresses and the groomsmen looked very sharp in their tuxes with hot pink vests and ties-I know they all loved that color! And Julie and Austin the flower girl and ring bearer were adorable. The wedding was very nice and formal, then the reception was fun and different. As far as I know it was all Libby wanted it to be, except some people weren't able to make the drive, or schedule conflicts, and she missed them not being there. There should be some more wedding pictures available after I get home on Saturday. I will try to upload some to facebook on Sunday. Hopefully the official photographer will have his online by the end of next week.

Even with all the pain caused from the accident 2 weeks before the wedding, I had so much fun sewing on Julie and Calloway's dresses and making all the airplane stuff for the wedding. This is like me in my element. Who knows what I would have come up with if I would have had a little more time and felt better. With getting to stay in the area this week I have gotten to see people at church and then with some visiting, that came to the wedding and it is fun to hear their thoughts on all the fun extras we did. Like the ice airplane floating in the punch. My mom and I made the mints in shapes of shoes, airplanes and polka dots, and the "Thank you" favors of chocolate and peanut butter airplanes for everyone to enjoy. Then as Libby and Wyatt were leaving they were bombarded with an array of small foam jet airplanes flying from all directions and altitudes!!! One even landed in her hair, thanks to pilot-Cari Burnett. Even the adults were getting into the airplane throwing... It was so much fun seeing everyone enjoy themselves and being kids again. Truly a time to remember. I will try to get some pictures of these things uploaded when I get home.

Libby and I have some great friends (and family) who helped with decorating and stayed to help clean up. We were out of the church by 9:30. Weddings are a lot of work (and money$$$), but when I get all done, I'm really a little sad because its over! Sounds crazy doesn't it? No more weddings for me, but that's okay. I am very happy for both my girls, I believe they have found their soul-mates and I trust God to richly bless their lives. I pray their love grows deeper and stronger with each passing day and that God is always the center of all they plan to do.

Oh, Oh, detail, can't forget this one-I ALWAYS cry at weddings, well normally-----anyway, don't ask me why, I have no clue. I made it through Cari's without crying, but honestly didn't know if I would with Libby's, cause she's my baby, the last one you know, some of you know, well no you probably don't because most all you bloggers out there have small children and the only thing you cry over is spilt milk....not really, oh, where was I, sorry, sidetracked, anyway, I almost teared up when she started down the aisle, then I said self, you can't do that and I made it without crying!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of myself. Now that doesn't mean that at the next one I won't shed a tear, because I probably will. But my goal was to not cry and I made it.

If you are reading this, thanks for sharing your hearts with us and for all the encouragement you bring to me. I may not have time to always make a post, but sometimes I do take a few minutes to read yours to lift my spirits or brighten my day, so for that I say thank you blogging friends.


Jessica said...

Cannot wiat to see pictures! : )

Campbell Crusade said...

Betty, so glad everything went well! But, I am glad that you now get to rest and relax from all the big events. It was so beautiful..everything you and Libby (and those that helped) did. It was such an honor to be a bridesmaid. I made some lasting memories with Libby and Steph, and everyone, that I won't forget!
Love ya, girl! Miranda